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H2HD Program

What's your realistic dream? Lets plan and work on it together!

Handholding to Habits Developement Program would be the best tool to get you habitual to the best possible habits that would take you towards your goals and see your dreams become a reality. We will have:


  • a 1 - 1 detailed introduction of yourself to help us structure the best ways to channelise your thoughts and focus on those habits that will help you get closer to your goals and thus realising your dreams. We will together improvise on what you are already working on, or bring in changes that will get you on a fast track.
  • daily quick plans, checklists, all day support and finally celebrating results - one day at a time
  • the most suitable app for each individual to help us track our progress


You can choose your duration of the H2HD Program:
INR 6000/month or at INR 15,000/three months


Other than Plans - Checklists - Schedules - Counselling and Guidance, you would have an actual booster pack of energy backing you up throughout your day ensuring the celebration of a well spent day > to days > to weeks > to see the reminded actions becoming a habit.


As mentioned before, this is a perfect handholding program to get used to making and implementing habits that help achieving goals. Once participants get the flow of the whole process, one can opt to continue their journey on their own or have your H2HD subscription continued.




  • Personality Development & Leadership
  • Communication & Fluency
  • Fitness: Cardio & Weights Training, Body Building
  • Wellnesh Coach: Diet & Nutrition
  • Yoga Training
  • Weath from Waste: Eco Planet
  • Music: Classical, Guitar, Piano
  • Jewellery Making
  • Make Up & Grooming