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Journey of Holistic Life

Mission: Helping People Live Better....



Objectives of the Course

  • Discovery and development of areas of interest and passion
  • Practice directing thoughts into those channels which lead to success and achievement, health and happiness
  • Arousing the inner power for maximum utilization of one’s potential


The above objectives are achieved through few or all of the 7 Modules:


  • Power of Performance 
  • Short Term and Long-term goals
  • Highly Trustworthy Individuals 
  • Energy and emotions 
  • Effective Sales Course
  • Fun Adventure and Relaxation 
  • Cheerful Contributor / Influential Leader 

Every module has 3 hours of training and 3 hours of practical experiential learning by the candidate as per the guidelines of the facilitator. The course can be conducted either as classroom training or as outdoor training, subject to number of participants and the time available.


NOTE: We undertake life coaching programs even for single individuals.


COURSE FEE: 4 Sessions in a Month (Each of 3 hours training + 3 hours assisted practice)

Rs. 1600/person – Groups of 10 people or more, conducted at your location

Rs. 2200/person – For 4-9 people, conducted in our office / your location

Rs. 3000/person – For 1-3 people, coached individually at our Office


The Modules are formulated keeping in mind the overall development of individuals in all parameters of life that are required to achieve life balance and holistic growth.


Not all individuals will need to be trained on all modules. Each individual will be trained on specific modules after personally discussing their purpose of taking up the course.


We aim at being able to analyze the specific need, address it and review the results on a long term. It is not the number of hours of training, but the results of the individual that matter to us most.