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Absolute Serenity - Just an hours

A place out of the city hustle.. but not far from reach..

An hours' drive from the city of Bangalore into total serenity. Private cottage amidst nature for:


  • Official Meetings or Discussions
  • Work a while amidst sound of birds
  • Family Get Togethers
  • Yoga Sessions or Training
  • Music Jamming Groups
  • Children Training and Picnics
  • Healing and Therapy Sessions


Quick Recharge at  INR 2000: 8am - 12noon OR 1pm to 5pm

Power Recharge at INR 3500: 8am - 5pm


Cottage price applicable for a maximum occupancy of 10 people during the day.

Food and Activities customized based on group size and preferences. Email for quote.